225. Here’s my life

Mighty God, you have known me
Completely all of my days
Holy Lord, you have loved me
You wrote my name on your heart.

There is nothing, I can give you
That is not already yours
All I have to offer
Is this life, this fragile heart.

If you can take and use it Lord
I gladly lay my life at your feet
Unreservedly, humbly Lord I give
Here’s my life.
Here is all I am my God
My sin and shame
You washed it all away
Here before the cross
I lay down my rights
That you may live in me.

You are crowned in highest glory
Enthroned in majesty
You gave it all, were rejected
That I may be made whole. Ref:

Robert Galea © 2005 Robert Galea/Daybreak Music




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