641. You carried me

It’s only when I look back
And trace the way
My crooked path has wondered
I see the footprints in the sand
And I realise, you were there beside me
Every single day.

You (He) carried me
Through al my trials
You (He) carried me
When I was troubled and alone
When my strength had gone
Couldn’t get along without you (Him)
You (He) carried me
So I wouldn’t stumble
You (He) carried me
Just when I needed someone there
Who would be a friend
And I reached the end
Because He carried me.

And now as I turn to face the narrow way
With shadows growing longer
I know my Saviour’s by my side
Always there for me and He’ll care for me
When the enemy draws near. Ref:

John Pantry © 2001 Littleway Music/Fox Music/
Kingsway Music




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